In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee

The In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee provides recommendations and initiates proposals and forwards them to the Board of Supervisors on the preferred modes of service to be utilized in the County for in-home supportive services. Additionally, the Committee provides recommendations to any administrative body in the County that is related to the delivery and administration of in-home supportive services including the governing body and administrative agency of the Public Authority, nonprofit consortium, contractor, and public employees.

The Committee consists of 11 members composed of a combination of In-Home Supportive Services recipients, providers, community/agency members, and/or County staff.

How to Become an IHSS Advisory Committee Member

Individuals interested in serving on the In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advisory Committee must submit a completed application. Additional information about the IHSS Advisory Committee can be found on the Clerk of the Board webpage.