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HandsApplication Process for IHSS Health Care Providers

An application can be obtained by calling 530-552-6163, or by downloading PDF copy here.

Submit your completed application via e-mail to: desspa@buttecounty.net

Ten steps to become listed on the IHSS Registry

  1. Fill out an application form from the Public Authority of IHSS.
  2. List any criminal conviction(s) as noted and sign permission for the Registry to conduct a criminal background check.
  3. Show proof that you are legally available to work in the United States (Green Card or Work Permit from the Immigration Department), current and accurate US Government picture identification and Social Security card. The names on the picture ID and Social Security card must match.
  4. Provide references that meet Registry references check criteria. The references must include names and telephone numbers
  5. Participate in a face-to-face interview/orientation with Registry staff. Interview/orientation will include explanation of registry processes, policies and procedures, and expectations.
  6. Provide documentation/certificates for any training (e.g., First Aid, CPR, CNA, or any other training) claimed by the provider applicant.
  7. In cases where a provider applicant indicates a willingness to provide transportation services, provide proof of valid driver’s license, current automobile insurance, and vehicle registration. The Public Authority accepts no liability related to a provider driving a consumer; and the provider applicant should consult with his/ her insurance carrier before transporting a consumer.
  8. Sign and date a statement indicating that the registry applicant has been presented with, has read, understands and agrees to abide by registry processes, policies and procedures, and expectations; sign and date a confidentiality statement; and sign and date a statement indicating the applicant’s understanding of provider responsibilities as a mandated reporter.
  9. Registry staff will take a photo of each provider, which will be placed in the provider’s file.
  10. Once the application is completely and accurately filled out, mail the application to Public Authority at P.O. Box 1649, Oroville, CA  95965. Your application will be reviewed by Public Authority staff and you will be notified by mail the status of your application. Do not drop off your application at any county office.  

Check List Items Every Provider Applicant Must Bring With Them to the Public Authority Interview/Orientation

  • Accurately Completed Application Form
  • Social Security Card (social security card application not acceptable)
  • Second Form of US Government I.D. (valid California driver’s license/I.D., or passport). The names on the picture I.D. and Social Security card must match.
  • Green Card or Work Permit From the Immigration Department (if you are not a U.S Citizen you must show proof of legal right to work in the United States).
  • Three References (two professional and one personal reference. Be sure to include full names and phone numbers of all references). Volunteer work is acceptable as a professional reference.
  • Proof of Current Automobile Insurance , Valid California Driver’s License and vehicle registration (when provider applicant is willing to transport consumer).
  • Certificates/Documents for Any Training (e.g., First Aid, CPR, CNA etc.).

Background & Reference Check

Registry staff will conduct a background check and reference checks. Upon satisfactory completion of the application process, Registry staff will enter the provider into the Registry database. Once the applicant is placed on the Registry, he/she will be referred to potential consumers according to appropriate matches.

Mandatory Updates

To remain actively listed on the Registry, providers must update their profile once a month and more often if there is a change in the provider’s schedule, availability for work, or other pertinent information. Failure to update their profile will result in the provider being placed on inactive status. The provider will remain on inactive status (will not be referred to consumers), until the provider updates his/her profile by contacting Registry staff.