In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
Care Providers and Recipients

1. The defined workweek is from Sunday, 12:00AM to Saturday, 11:59PM.
2. Travel time is documented on the timesheet for the consumer that you are traveling to.
3. Do not exceed 7 hours per week of travel time.
4. Timesheets must be submitted within 2 weeks of the last day of the pay period for timely processing.
5. Timesheets must be signed and dated by both you and the consumer.
6. Do not exceed your consumer’s weekly authorized hours.
7. Use black ink only.
8. Enter the hours and minutes worked in the boxes next to the date worked.
9. Write firmly so the numbers and signature can be properly scanned.
10. Do not write more than one number per box.
11. Do not use correction tape or fluid, such as white-out.
12. If an error is made when writing the number in a box, draw a diagonal line through the box and write the correct number in a corner of the box.
13. Do not fold or alter the timesheet.
14. Only tear along the dotted lines to make sure any necessary information is not removed.
14. Do not mail the timesheet in prior to the end of the pay period.
15. Do not include any extra documents, other than the travel claim form.
16. Do not attach or staple anything to the timesheet.
17. Do not write anywhere on the timesheet except the signature area and time entry boxes. The time entry boxes are for numbers only.
18. Do not cross out or write over pre-printed zeroes.
19. Make sure your address is written in the top left corner of the envelope and include a stamp.

Timesheet Trainings are offered in Butte County. Call for an appointment. 530-538-7538 and select option 1 or option 2 or 530-538-5262


To view a video training on how to complete a new IHSS timesheet: